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TRIMBLE Resolution-T GPS Timing Receiver


12-channel-GPS Timing Board

Trimble's Resolution® T GPS Timing Receiver is a significant new development in GPS architecture: the general purpose, DSP-based software GPS timing receiver.

The development of Trimble DSP/GPS software was key to this accomplishment. Precise Timing Where You Need It
The receiver is a full-featured, all-in-view, 12-channel, parallel tracking, embeddable GPS receiver designed to provide precise GPS or UTC time and synchronization for many static timing applications.

The timing accuracy will provide for your current needs with plenty of headroom for future requirements. This low-cost, yet highly accurate and reliable receiver allows the system integrator to put precise timing and synchronization into locations where cost or size is a limitation. Rather than sharing time from a single timing source, with the resultant delays and loss of accuracy, you now can have precise time (synchronization) at every location regardless of how isolated or remote.


Key features and benefits

  • Automatic self-survey for improved timing accuracy
  • Extremely accurate 1-PPS output, synchronized to GPS or UTC within 15 ns (one sigma)
  • Cable delay compensation removes time delay due to cable distance between antenna and receiver
  • TRAIM - Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring assures high PPS integrity
  • Quantization Error Reporting can further improve native accuracy
  • Supports 3 V or 5 V Antennas

Starter Kit - Contents

  • Includes Resolution T GPS Timing Receiver module and interface unit in metal enclosure
  • USB interface cable
  • Bullet III antenna
  • Mini-mag antenna
  • 50' cable and adapters.

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