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TRIMBLE Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock


Precise GPS Clock for Wireless Infrastructure

The Trimble® Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined Clock is Trimble's latest offering for GPS synchronization devices targeting the wireless infrastructure.

This fifth-generation GPS clock combines a 12-channel GPS receiver, control circuitry, and a high-quality ovenized oscillator on a single board, providing increased integrity and reliability at a lower size and cost.
The Thunderbolt E's level of integration makes it a perfect solution for precise timing applications in the wireless industry. Among its uses are synchronizing the E911 positioning infrastructure and maximizing bandwidth for wireless local loop. The architecture is comparable to systems currently used to maintain the tough CDMA holdover specification. This makes the Thunderbolt E GPS clock a natural for a CDMA clock, the digital standard for cellular phones.


Key features and benefits

  • Ovenized quartz oscillator provides stable 10 MHz and 1 PPS output to maximizes bandwidth
  • Combined GPS receiver and ovenized oscillator on one board
  • High volume manufacturing provides reliable low-cost products

Starter Kit - Contents

  • Includes Thunderbolt E
  • 5Vdc Bullet III Antenna
  • 75' interface cable
  • power connector

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