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Mini-T GPS Disciplined Clock Board


Designed to embed precise time and frequency in your application

The Trimble Mini-T™ takes GPS disciplined clocks to a new level of integration that provides a simple, cost effective and high performance solution in Trimble's smallest form factor to date.

The Mini-T gives OEMs the opportunity to embed a low-cost precise time and frequency reference, in our smallest form-factor yet. Trimble created the Mini-T using clock technology proven in generations of deployed units used in CDMA, WLL, WiMAX, and broadcasting applications.
It utilizes the latest in GPS technology, combined with a precision ovenized oscillator for near-atomic clock precision timing.ease of integration and use. The Mini-T eliminates the need for expensive rack-mount timing boards, because you can embed the Mini-T on your board to save space and power. Trimble integrates the GPS and timing circuitry all on a single board-no extra GPS daughter board means that Trimble offers a lower part count, resulting in higher reliability and lower cost.


Key features and benefits

  • Ultra-Compact one-board design
  • 10MHz and PPS outputs
  • High-precision oscillator disciplined by GPS Proven clock technology
  • Custom frequencies and form factors available

Physical Characteristics

  • Size 1 PPS Interface Specifications
  • 10 MHz SMA-f
  • Connectors: Power and I/O 6-pin Molex
  • Connectors: Antenna SMA-f

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