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12-channel Miniature GPS Receiver

Trimble's Lassen® iQ module is one smart buy. It adds powerful, 12-channel GPS functionality to your mobile product in a postage-stamp-sized footprint with ultra-low power consumption and extreme reliabilityall at a very economical price.

Designed for portable handheld, battery-powered applications such as cell phones, pagers, PDAs, digital cameras, and many others, the module is also ideal for standard GPS applications such as tracking. The 12-channel Lassen iQ module is fully compatible with Trimble's popular Lassen SQ module. The Lassen iQ module features two GPS signal sensitivity modes: Standard and Enhanced. With Enhanced mode enabled, the module automatically switches to higher sensitivity when satellite signals are weak. The module also supports TSIP download of critical startup information for fast acquisition. This aided GPS (A-GPS) startup provides hot start performance for each power-up.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low power: 86 mW
  • Trimble quality at low cost
  • Aided GPS through TSIP for faster acquisition
  • Dual sensitivity modes with automatic switching
  • 12-channel simultaneous operation
  • Supports NMEA 0183, TSIP, TAIP and DGPS
  • RoHS-Compliant (Pb-free)

Lassen iQ Starter Kit Contents

  • Lassen iQ module mounted on interface motherboard in a durable metal enclosure
  • AC/DC power converter
  • Compact magnetic-mount GPS antenna
  • Ultra-compact embedded antenna
  • USB interface cable
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • TSIP, NMEA and TAIP protocols
  • Software toolkit and manual on CD-ROM

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