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GPS-DR Receiver combination

The Trimble® Lassen® DR+GPS combines dead reckoning (DR) with GPS to produce accurate and instantaneous positions, even under the most difficult conditions. For service providers tracking high-value or perishable cargo, Lassen DR+GPS dramatically improves quality of service (QoS) and customer satisfaction and retention, helping tracking service providers to maximize revenue opportunities. Dead reckoning (DR) estimates position based on heading and distance traveled since the last known position.

The more accurate the speed, time and heading inputs, the more accurate the dead reckoning. This is where GPS helps. GPS continuously calibrates the gyro and speed sensors to produce optimal dead reckoning. Lassen DR+GPS accepts inputs from an analog gyro, an odometer pulse and a forward/reverse indicator. Its sophisticated DR+GPS algorithm autocalibrates these sensors and optimally blends the sensor inputs and GPS to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in the most hostile GPS environments.

Key features

  • DR positioning solution with integrated GPS receiver
  • Available in kit and PCB module forms
  • Supports both NMEA and Trimble binary protocols
  • Automatic calibration of external sensor inputs
  • Instantaneous and accurate positions in deep urban canyons and dense forests.
  • Continuous position outputs in tunnels, parking garages and on lower bridge decks.
  • Reliable positioning for tracking high-value assets and for mapping RF field strength.
  • Improves QoS and customer satisfaction and retention to maximize service revenue.

Performance Characteristics

  • Position Update Rate 1 Hz
  • Horizontal Accuracy < 5 m
  • Altitude Accuracy < 10 m
  • Velocity Accuracy < 0.02 m/s
  • PPS ± 500 ns
  • TTFF (calibrated) < 2 s

Starter Kit Contents

  • Magnetic mount GPS antenna with 5m cable
  • USB interface cable
  • Vehicle interface cable
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Software toolkit and manual on CD-ROM

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